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20 organic mimosa tree seeds ~ albizia julibrissin ~ collective happiness tree ~ chinese silk tree

Our seeds are beyond organic, non-GMO, open-pollinated, zero man-made chemicals used for pesticides or herbicides, homegrown, tediously harvested by hand, dried and cured indoors with great care. See below for full details.

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This stately tree is fast-growing and will be one of your favorites. She will grow to fifteen feet by the end of the third year! Her reddish pink flowers will add lovely color, her spreading habit and dainty leaves will give you a tropical feel. Makes strong, hard, dark wood that will grow with interesting curves and its branches make excellent bamboo stake substitutes. Not only do they make for some nice bonsai, but they have superior tree-house/climbing potential.

Cut back hard in the fall to keep it short and stocky. Excellent sustainability.

Common name: Mimosa “Silk tree”, Collective happiness bark
Botanical name: Albizia julibrissin
Type: Deciduous tree, hardy to 0F
Scarification/Stratification: Lightly file seed or nick with a knife, drop in just-boiled water, soak overnight, then sow
Sow temp/season: Warm, late spring through late summer
Sow depth/spacing: Minimum of 1/2 inch deep on 8 inch centers in beds or pots
Final spacing: Seedlings spaced 8 inches in at 1 quart pots
Final height/spread: 20 feet high at maturity with 30 feet spread
pH range: 5-7
Soil type: Most types except excessively rocky soils
Nutrition: Likes fertility and responds well to a strong feeding in the Spring.
Drainage: Prefers well-drained soils but will tolerate prolonged wet periods of time.
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Time to maturity: 3 years to flower
Hilling: Not necessary
Suckering: After a hard pruning it will send up some root suckers for the year
Propagation: Seed sown in 3″ x 5″, or root cuttings in the Spring, stem cuttings are iffy.
Hybridization: Not likely
Uses: Woodworking, beauty, antidepressant

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