Amaranth Seeds


120 organic amaranth seeds ~ amaranthus cruentus ~ hopi red dye amaranth

Our seeds are beyond organic, non-GMO, open-pollinated, zero man-made chemicals used for pesticides or herbicides, homegrown, tediously harvested by hand, dried and cured indoors with great care. See below for full details.


This heirloom red strain of amaranth has a tradition for being a multi-use plant that can be eaten as baby greens, the mature leaves can be added to stir fries, the seed heads can be made into a dye for foods or clothes, and the seeds can be made into nutritious sprouts, breads, or flour. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this plant was a staple for the Hopi people and for good reason.

If germination is spotty, stir the soil up and tamp down again. This stimulates the seed into germinating.

Common name: Hopi Red Dye Amaranth
Botanical name: Amaranthus cruentus
Type: Reseeding tender annual
Scarification/Stratification: None needed
Sow temp/season: Early Spring with soil temp at 60-75 F
Sow depth/spacing: Sow 1/8” deep at one seed per inch
Final spacing: Thin to 1 foot spacing
Final height/spread: Can get 10 feet tall and 3 feet wide given the goods.
pH range: 5.5-7.5
Soil type: Not picky, but thrives with rich well-drained soils.
Nutrition: During early growth, needs lots of Nitrogen, then once flowering begins, lots of Phosphorous and Calcium
Drainage: Does not like swamp
Sun: The more sun the better
Time to maturity: 90-100 days
Hilling: One inch if needed
Suckering: Strong side branching
Propagation: Can start in at least one inch pots/plug flats and transplant after last frost.
Hybridization: Plant different varieties 1/2 mile apart to prevent cross-pollination
Uses: Flowers used as a red dye and seed boiled and eaten or dried, ground and used as flour. Very nutritious. Grow amaranth for your pet birds!

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