Calendula Tincture


Ingredients: Organic cane and fruit alcohol, distilled water, organic calendula flowers (calendula officinalis)

Our extracts soak for a minimum of six weeks and are then pressed with our 6-ton tincture press to get every last drop. We strain our extracts only once during the pressing process, so you may see floating tiny bits.

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All Herbedicinals products are made exclusively with homegrown organic herbs and plants from The Freeman Family Farm in North Carolina, USA.

We never use imported herbs or mail order herbs that may be old and stale or harvested at an improper time. The plants in our gardens are tenderly loved, never fed pesticides or herbicides, and they are monitored daily for individual signs of readiness.

Proudly non-certified organic

Packaging: 1 or 2 ounce glass bottle, childproof glass dropper
Botanical name: Calendula officinalis
Harvest date: July 2015
Menstruum used: Organic cane and fruit alcohol
Parts used: Flowers in full bloom
Shelf life: Expires 2021
Storage: In a cool, dry, dark place. We do not use preservatives in our products so proper storage and care is needed for longevity. However, alcohol extracts have quite long shelf lives.

Child safety: Always check with your child’s health care professional before using concentrated herbal medicine such as this alcohol extract. Always keep this and other herbal products out of the reach of children.

Our herbs are grown in very small batches to ensure the highest quality that our customers love. We have never used herbicides, insecticides, or chemicals that would harm or interrupt any natural process. All plants used in our preparation process are grown organically in our gardens and we harvest at their individual peak medicinal times.

NOT WILDCRAFTED: Intentionally grown, harvested, and prepared on our own property with loving care.

Note: Please consult with a naturopathic physician, professional herbalist, or TCM practitioner if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or take OTC meds/other herbs.

Strict measures are followed to ensure you are purchasing a safe product – these include UV sterilization of containers, proper storage labeling, dedicated and locked herb cabinets within our climate controlled home, the use of batch numbers, and safety seals on tinctures, oils, liniments, etc.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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