Yoni Steam


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Ingredients, all organic: Wormwood, thai basil, clary sage, lemongrass, chamomile, rosemary, oregano, rose petals

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Pamper your vulva and care for your vagina. Our herbal yoni steam is excellent for difficult menses, expelling the old, encouraging the new, commonly late or irregular cycles, helping a new-cycler listen to her body, or between normal cycles for heat and circulation.

Traditionally, women all over the world would squat over their basin of steaming herbs (this is my preferred method as it helps open and relax the pelvis) but you can find steam chairs these days or use a sitz basin on your toilet. If you choose to use a sitz basin or a steam chair, I recommend finding a way to get your knees up at least a little bit – a partial squat – with perhaps a foot stool or a squatty potty.

It will help for you to practice positions ahead of time with the basin, bowl, or pot so you can prepare an area for yourself when the time comes.

How to prepare the herbs:

  • Bring 3 quarts of water to a boil in a large pot
  • Pour the boiled water into a large basin or bowl (or you may leave it in the large pot)
  • Add the loose herbs directly to the freshly boiled water and stir them in
  • Test the steam carefully with your forearm until you feel the temp is just right for you
  • Place the basin in its appropriate spot in your prepared area
  • Get into a comfortable, relaxed squatting position – nude from the waist down – with your vulva and open vagina above the steaming basin
  • Wrap your entire bottom side and the basin with a clean towel or blanket for 20-30 minutes, anything large enough to keep the steam in. You may alternate position to kneeling if you get uncomfortable, the key is to find positions to keep your pelvis open and relaxed while remaining directly over the steam.

I’ve seen several creative methods online how women have used their imaginations to get into position. My favorite alternative is to place the steaming herbs beneath a slotted chair or lawn chair – ingenious! Still, the squat position is preferred for optimum “uptake.”

Personally, I keep envisioning using my son’s portable potty seat and placing it on top of a pot of steaming herbs. I’ll let you know if that happens.



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