Mullein Leaf Tea

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1/2 ounce of prepared mullein leaf ~ 1 organic, non-bleached reusable muslin bag for brewing

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Our mullein leaves are harvested in their first year before flowering AND the second year up until flower stalks begin to appear. The leaves are dried flat indoors away from direct sunlight. We hand-pick every single leaf and do not choose those that have pests, debris, brown spots, or eaten spots. They are always fully green, intact, and handled with care. Never washed because we only select premium, clean leaves.

Enjoy this lovely nature’s medicine for the lungs, safe for all ages. Mullein gives excellent support for asthma sufferers, as well.
Adults only: Don’t be shy and do try smoking some in a clean pipe for lung healing while suffering with URIs such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Of course, don’t be silly and think that mullein should be your only treatment, either. Please follow your doctor’s advice.


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