About Us

We are a family of six, living on our dream property of 3.6 acres in the woods, in a small coastal town in North Carolina, USA.

Along with perfecting our own gardens, which is a full time job by itself, Joe is also a Master Gardener volunteer for the County Extension in North Carolina and a professional gardener for his own set of personal clients, working very hard to provide for the family. He regularly maintains and creates beautiful gardens and landscaping for many homeowners in Hampstead, NC and surrounding areas.
A dedicated daddy to his 4 little ones, and a caring and compassionate husband.

Dawn created and runs this Website, all of the online stores at eBay, Etsy, Scott’s Marketplace – filling orders, doing all the photography, handling customer service, and generally keeping everything in order. She also runs the household, cares for our 4 children, helps with gardens at home when needed, and folds a mean basket (or 5) of laundry.

To help others, we grow organic medicinal herbs and turn them into bottled, jarred, or bagged goodness. Some of the herbs are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), other herbs are used in Ayurveda, but all are used to help bodies heal and maintain health.

Our plants are grown in very small batches to ensure their high quality. All plants used in our products and for the selling of seeds are grown organically and sustainably with no chemical herbicides or pesticides and with our very own hearty compost. We harvest each plant at their individual peak medicinal times.

We are proudly non-certified organic. We do not agree with the backward practice that farmers and growers should jump through hoops to prove they are not using harmful chemicals in their products. On the contrary, we fully believe that the ones to do the proving of safety are those who do use them. Additionally, it is clear to us that the certified organic label has become essentially meaningless over the years, as the guidelines still allow for organic brands to use pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. That is not good enough for us, or for our customers. We are truly organic.

Our gardens are weeded by hand and pests are picked off one by one by hand, by hose, or even with pruners if they’re big enough. We employ companion planting to help deter unwanted pests, depending on the situation we sometimes use our own homemade liquid mixture of hot peppers, cinnamon, and other such ingredients from our own gardens. Organic neem oil is also used on a regular basis. The soil we use in our pots and gardens is built from our own compost in which only organic material is used, a reliable organic source of horse manure builds our gardens, as well.

Together we practice Whole Life Unschooling, gentle parenting, and organic living; constantly striving to be better than we were yesterday.