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That Little Ball of Paper

What is that, anyway? Why are we sending you our garbage?

You’ve received a seed order from us and inside the package you notice a small ball of paper with seemingly no purpose. Well, there IS a purpose!

In order to give our customers tracked shipping on such a small package, the USPS requires that we make the package at least 3/4″ thick! The ball of paper is the backing to your shipping label so there is no additional waste involved in this procedure. Please recycle it.

It really is that simple. You can also consider it extra padding for your precious seeds 🙂

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Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium is a most important elemental portion of our bodies’ physiological, holistic processes. Meaning that basically every function our bodies have, it is there making sure everything is running smoothly. In general, the more *consistent* magnesium we have available, the better, because we use it very quickly and in many different ways.

There are several different forms of magnesium, and each of them has their own job to do. The one we use extensively here at the Freeman household is magnesium chloride. I have personally used it for a wide variety of issues, including muscle soreness, a gouty toe, arthritic thumb, menstrual cramps, restless leg syndrome with pregnancies, nighttime leg cramps, and headaches.

I highly recommend a visit to where you are able to read Dr. Morley’s in-depth research that is spreading like wildfire and unifying both the allopathic world and naturopathic world – at least on this subject. He offers ways for you to request your own laboratory testing, in which you can send to Dr. Morley himself for details on what you need to fix your body. He explains in great detail how vitamins, minerals, and hormones all work together and how one chronic imbalance can set off a tragic chain of events toward diseases. Again, I urge you to take the time.

How to use our magnesium oil spray:

Simply spray on any area of the body that is needing attention (save the eyes…don’t do that) and rub it in. Expect there to be a tickling, crawling, or even burning sensation for about 20 minutes. After that time, you may rinse it off. Additionally, you may not feel anything at all. If the sensations are too much, you may dilute the spray in a cupped palm with a bit of water and spread onto the skin that way.

Several times per year, we create a roll-on with aloe that is much gentler than the spray and they sell out very quickly. If you’d like to try and catch them, you may bookmark the page here. I do announce their availability on our Facebook page and the blog here on our site.

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Browse around and make yourself at home! Everything has been running smoothly since our website transition.

I met Link today, on his quest to find Zelda, can you believe it?

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New site!

Thank you for your patience during our website transition. So far, only mobile users are able to see the new site, and it may be like that for a day or so, but I have every confidence that the transition will ultimately be smooth. Contact me here if you see any glitches or have concerns.

Be sure to use the coupon code celebrate10 for 10 percent off any and all orders for the entire month of April.